CVS Series

Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum systems - air receiver and control panel are mounted to modular skids to allow for future expansion. They are designed to be easily expandable from any smaller size, and provide automatic operation and convenience, thanks to the programmable controller. Kalbro's expandable oil-lubricated rotary vane systems used in industrial or medical/surgical industry.


CVS Series

CVS Series Oil- Lubricated Vacuum System


CVS- 16

*16 m³/hr *1 bar Vacuum *100 Ltr

CVS- 25

*25 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *100 Ltr

CVS- 40

*44 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

CVS- 65

*60 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

CVS- 100

*98 m³/hr *0.5 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr

CVS- 300

*280m³/hr *0.8 bar Vacuum *500 Ltr


  • Convenient service points and low maintenance
  • Communicates with existing BMS systems
  • Cool operation
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Deep Vacuum Opreation
  • Live monitoring of each pump from mobile phone or pc
  • Straightforward construction for fast and easy service on-site to reduce downtime