Sound enclosure

Becker Pumps are known as being among the quietest vacuum pumps and compressors available, but there are times when even that is not enough. Occasionally, pumps must be placed in an environment that mandates sound levels below those at which our pumps operate. For those occasions, Becker offers a line of low-cost sound reducing enclosures that are specifically designed to lower noise levels, while permitting the pumps to operate at conditions that ensure long-life.

While sound enclosures can be found from a number of sources, no one understands the specific cooling requirements of Becker pumps better than Becker. Each Becker sound enclosure fits our pump like a glove, yet provides essential cooling at just the right spots. Our sound reducing enclosures are light, compact and chemical resistant. Why should you have these filters in your plant?

PLC control unit offers the following communication services:


  • Sound Absorbent, 6x Quieter
  • Impact Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Custom Fit For Becker Pumps