VARIAIR KDT 3.80/0-400

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The VARIAIR KDT 3.80/0-400 is a low pressure, dry-running displacement pump with VARIAIR frequency inverter. The rotary vane compressor is designed to operate on a continuous duty basis, utilises self-lubricating, graphite composite vanes, and requires only minimal maintenance.

  • VARIAIR frequency inverter
  • Built-in, large inlet filter
  • Pressure relief respectively safety valve
  • Vibration isolators



Volume flow 77 m³/h
Pressure relative +1.5 bar
Inverter Power 4.0 kW
Frequency 30…60 Frequency
Noise Level 71.2 dB(A)
Weight 87.5 kg with motor & inverter


  • 100% dry-running (oil-less) operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Long vane life
  • Continuous duty rated
  • Air-cooled
  • Single shaft direct drive
  • Compact design
  • Variable frequency


  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • No cycling times
  • Quiet operation – no silencer enclosures necessary
  • Small footprint for space savings
  • Straightforward construction for fast and easy service on-site to reduce downtime
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